Donation: $10,010.60 / $10,000.00



One hundred ten (110) families will be receiving life saving biosand water filters!
Our matching project partner Groshe International will be joining us in Davao Feb 17-21, 2017 to assist in the delivery and installation. We will be taking many photos which will be available on our facebook and instagram sites.
Thank you again for making this project a success!

* funds that exceed the project goal will help to provide additional families.

Dec 8, 2016 – Newsletter

Gabriel had brought his birthday money to add to all the loonies, toonies and quarters that he and his classmates had saved to help provide clean water for either a family, daycare or classroom. Read More…




When you sponsor one family
a corporate sponsor will match one family!

We are so exicted that a corporate sponsor has committed to match 50 families when you help sponsor 50 families.
That means our goal of 60 families will become 110 families. What an AMAZING Holiday Gift!



Nov 29, 2016 – Newsletter

With a contagious smile and pride knowing he is doing his part in fetching water for his family, but uncertain if it will make him and his family sick.

Meet Dodong, a young Obo-Clata tribal boy from Tambobong in the Southern Philippines. Early each morning before school he makes his trek down a steep, treacherous mountainside to fetch water for his family’s daily needs. The water is free, but will it make him sick?   Dodong loves school, but like so many other rural Filipino children, water-borne diseases affect their quality of education and future, and in some cases death.

The average farming family in the Philippines spends more than one month per year of their annual income for medications related to Amoebiasis, E. coli, Cholera, Typhoid and Guinea worm disease which cause over 3.4 million deaths each year around the world. They hope and pray their children never have to be admitted for hospital care because the costs are beyond their means. Contaminated water is a global problem which you can help change.

Your donation empowers families like Dodong’s with health, happiness, and HOPE.

If only everyone could have “Clean Water. For Life”!

This is WHY we need your help. You donation gives
these families health, happiness, and HOPE.

Thousands of children like Dodong face this reality every day!

Together we can change their reality!

But we can not do it alone. We need your partnership!

As we begin this Holiday Season with #givingtuesday, your generous donation will help us reach our goal of installing 60 biosand water filters for families like Dodong and his friend, and together, we can help eliminate the world’s second biggest killer of children – water-borne disease.

Thank you!

Darrell Nelson Pres/CEO

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Watch the video we showed the Grade One class. Rural children fetching water for their classrooms.