Six-year-old Gabriel Gave His Birthday Money

highroad-academy-grade-one-11Several weeks ago between services at City Life Church, Gabriel’s dad wanted Shannon and I to hear his son’s testimony.

Gabriel is a grade one student at Highroad Academy where his teacher Mrs. Brechin, had taught the class about the rights of children to have clean water, and how sand and gravel can filter water to make it safe to drink. Gabriel’s concern that other people in the world can have clean water was very real to him.

Thursday, Dec 1st we had the fantastic opportunity to share with Gabriel’s classroom how many rural children in the Philippines have to fetch their water from springs, rivers, creeks, and wells for their classrooms, and how the biosand water filters make their water safe to drink.

At the end of our 30 min presentation, Mrs. Brechin presented us with a cheque to partly sponsor a family. Gabriel had brought his birthday money to add to all the loonies, toonies and quarters that he and his classmates had saved to help provide clean water for either a family, daycare or classroom. Although they had only raised enough money to sponsor a half a filter, they were SO HAPPY that through our matching fund campaign the other half was sponsored by a corporate sponsor!

Thank you Highroad Academy Grade One Class!

Darrell & Shannon Nelson

Watch the video we showed the Grade One class. Rural children fetching water for their classrooms.